How will counseling help me?

Most of Jennifer’s clients report an increase in confidence for dealing with their presenting issue(s). Those suffering from a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress, grieving/loss, difficult relationships, and trauma will learn techniques for coping with and overcoming many symptoms. Many clients also gain an enhanced understanding of self, actions, motivations and solutions.

What will my appointments look like?

Jennifer takes a personalized and unique approach to each client with sessions being tailored to individuals and their specific concerns. Initial/Primary sessions are a collaborative discussion of what a client’s life is like currently, and in the past, for Jennifer to conceptualize and understand the issues/concerns. Subsequent sessions are typically aimed at assessing progress and implementing ongoing goal setting by using a variety of exploration techniques and strategies to maximize healing.

How often will I need to attend appointments?

The frequency of sessions is a collaborative decision between you and Jennifer, and varies. Factors such as personal desire, finances, and level of difficulty with issues/concerns are large factors in this decision. Some clients come once a month; others come once a week, or anywhere in between.

How long are appointments?

Individual sessions are 55 minutes in length. Occasionally, in a time of crisis or when using EMDR, extended sessions can be scheduled for 90 minutes. If a client feels he/she would benefit from an extended session, they should discuss this with Jennifer.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Jennifer understands unexpected things happen. Please call 303.882.4679 or use the online portal to cancel and reschedule an appointment. Due to the high demand for services, Jennifer requests a 48- hour notice if an appointment cannot be kept.

Will Jennifer recommend that I take medication?

Jennifer firmly believes that most clients can and do achieve substantial improvements in their issues/concerns with consistent therapy and implementation of coping tools. However, some clients do benefit from both therapy and medication. If a client and Jennifer mutually agree that medication may provide some additional benefit by reducing symptoms, Jennifer will support her client by providing a referral to a qualified prescriber and would then work concurrently with that individual, if desired.

What approach is used?

Jennifer uses a variety of methods in sessions. After building a good relationship with her clients, Jennifer may use techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR, somatic interventions (connecting the mind and body), mindfulness and others.

Will anyone else be involved in my sessions?

In some instances, a client or Jennifer may discuss the option of bringing another individual(s) into a session if it is determined that doing so would be therapeutically beneficial. Jennifer believes the quality of our relationships with others can be a foundational component of happiness. If discussing a particular concern with a partner, a parent, a sibling, a child or any other person would be useful, Jennifer can help you navigate the discussion in a safe, supportive environment. Ultimately, the decision whether to include any other person(s) in a session is up to the client.

I am a teen. Are my appointments and our discussions confidential?

In most cases, yes. Colorado law states that any person age 15 or older can enter counseling without parental consent – meaning the law recognizes the individual can make his/her own decisions about therapy. Teens under 15, by law, need parents’ permission to enter counseling. Regardless of age, though, a teen client will likely feel much more comfortable opening up about issues/concerns when knowing the conversations are private. There are a few limits to confidentiality (for teens and adults alike), and these are discussed at the first appointment. Jennifer operates from a very transparent place and aims for teen clients to ALWAYS know what, if any, information may be passed on to a parent. Regarding parents, however, Jennifer’s extensive experience with teens has shown that involving parents peripherally in the process can typically be very beneficial as parents can have a large influence on a teen’s life experiences.

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