About Me

Hello there! Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more! Jennifer is a sometimes quiet & observant, sometimes playful & joking person who genuinely enjoys meeting new people and connecting with others. She believes with her whole being that learning is a daily, lifelong process and that something can be learned from everyone whose path crosses with hers. Jennifer has enjoyed helping others for as long as she can remember, and, has enjoyed the help of others, herself, when HER journeys have been through tumultuous territory.

Jennifer grew up as a child of a divorced and then re-blended family, and describes her self-searching in early life as constant – frequently filled with confusion, anger and a great deal of loss, change, and simply trying to “fit in.” Some of the biggest struggles she acknowledges in her adult life are some life-altering changes to a few significant relationships, as well as the death of her father. Jennifer, in time, has embraced the philosophy that all of these experiences were valuable learning lessons and that they continue to inform her on how to cope with grief and change.

For the last 16 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Jennifer’s heart has always been most happy when working daily with teens and individuals in a variety of settings. Jennifer is also well-versed in Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) and Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). Jennifer hopes that with some genuine caring (and hopefully quite a few laughs!), together with her clients she can work on helping others to re-identify their “true selves.” Jennifer’s core belief is that deep down, each and every person holds within them-selves the answers to finding happiness, peace, and wellness. Many times, this wisdom just needs to be uncovered/re-discovered and encouraged to flourish; Jennifer will guide you through this journey.

Jennifer is a proud Colorado native and cherishes time with her husband, two kids, friends, and family. Self-care and free time includes appreciating nature, the ever-changing Colorado weather, reading, movies, exercise, yoga, meditation and all animals/creatures. Jennifer can’t wait to meet YOU.


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